Marc-Antoine -23 years old-

Gautier says :
« Born from an international union, a father from Normandy and a mother from Belgium, Marc-Antoine can be distinguished by his positive attitude in any circumstance, as well as his communication skills and his tendency to get into unexpected situations. Marco is a sensible and touching person of true fidelity whether in love, friendship or convictions. »

-Interests: Judo (black belt), running, cycling, permaculture.
-Countries visited: Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands, Tcheque Republic, Hungary, United States, England, Germany.
-Languages: French-English


418561_10151135183716323_129388612_n Gautier -25 years old-


Marco says : « If you’ve just met Gautier, I would give you one piece of advice, make the most of it because with this strange bird, you never know how long it’s going to last ! Gautier, a modern adventurer, is always on the move! If one object would describe him, it would surely be his faithful backpack which is never too far. Gautier could be described by his strong beliefs, his high fidelity and his honesty. Those qualities makes him a wonderful friend ! »

-Interests: Permaculture, rugby, running, trekking, music.

-Countries visited: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, England.
-Languages: French-English-Spanish